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Gordon Biersch

Gordon Biersch

Blonde BockBlonde Bock

These strong beers were made popular in the early 1600s by monks, in order to minimize their hunger during fasting periods. While most bocks are dark, Blond Bock is golden-colored and malty, with a rich, creamy head. The rich flavor is counter-balanced with just the right level of bitterness from the Hallertau aroma hops that create a very smooth profile.

Alcohol content: 7.0%



Czech Style PilsnerCzech Style Pilsner

This beer was first brewed in Pilsen Czechoslovakia in 1842.

Pilsner is pale, golden-amber in color, with a nice white foamy head on top. It has a light smell, and is full of grain, with a touch of rice/corn.

Alcohol content: 5.3%




This is a true unfiltered Bavarian Hefeweizen. It has interesting flavors of creamy vanilla banana and zesty citrus balance.

The sweetness of its earthy malts feel smooth in the mouth. It is creamy, with a medium-bodied thickness and is an outstanding beer!

Alcohol content: 5.4%




Marzen was historically brewed in Bavaria from March through the end of October. It was also the beer served in the original Oktoberfest celebration.

Marzen accentuates the flavors of the dark roasted, imported malted barley, and exibits a caramel malt after-taste while down-playing the hop level.

Alcohol content: 5.8%




Festbier celebrates fall and the flavor profiles of beers served at the modern-day Oktoberfest. It emphasizes rich, malty undertones with a moderately hoppy finish. The maltiness is created via a combination of dark-roasted Munich-style malt and pilsner malt.

Alcohol content: 5.3%




Maibock, translated from German, means the bock beer of May. Gordon Biersch Maibock achieves its rich malty flavor from dark roasted caramel malt, and lots of it. Maibock is a great beer to accompany robust flavors. The rich flavor from the dark-roasted caramel malt complements the moderate level of bitterness, to create a perfect balance.

Alcohol content: 7.3%



Sommer BrauSommer Brau

Sommer Brau is a Kolsch-style beer. Kolsch literally means the beer of Cologne, Germany. This beer style is a light-bodied beer fermented using a special top-fermenting yeast strain, which we import specially from Germany, brewing it true to style. This beer is perfect for summertime enjoyment.

Alcohol content: 4.8%



Winter BockWinter Bock

Winter Bock is a strong dark beer that was used by eleventh century Bavarian monks to help sustain themselved during winter fasts.

Winter Bock is a classic dark double bock featuring 4 different types of malt: Munich malt, pilsner malt, dark roasted caramel malt, and black malt. This is a big beer with a lot of body.

Alcohol content: 7.5%



Imperial Pilsner BrauImperial Pilsner Brau

This is an intensely-hopped robust pilsner that emphasizes the noble hops from central Europe including Hallertau Tettnang, Spalt, and Saaz. It has been brewed in accordance with the German purity law of 1516. Our IPB is naturally carbonated and unfiltered.

Alcohol content: 6.5%



Weizen EisbockWeizen Eisbock

This Gordon Biersch creation applies Eisbock brewing techniques to a bock made primarily from malted wheat. Eisbock was produced using a technique created by a forgetful brewer from the Kulmbach Brewery in Kulmbach Germany, who accidentally left kegs of bock beer outside during the coldest days of winter. Our modern-day process involves freezing the water molecules out of the brew and removing the frozen portion, thus concentrating the alcohol and flavor of the resulting ale.

Alcohol content: 10.0%