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Black RaspberryBlack Raspberry

Much more intense flavor than the red raspberry. Not for the faint of heart. The color, flavor and aroma of this soda is deep and rich --- at once sharp but not lingering.

Pairs with a strong, firm cow;s milk cheese like aruyere or mountainous tome.

Devastatingly sinister-looking, the black raspberry is firm, plump and deliciously sweet.




The cane sugar for this soda is infused for months with high-quality vanilla bean, adding a buttery flavor to the complex fruit, and enhancing an inherent cola flavor. These cherries are grown in NW Oregon, in the Willamette valley. Superlative when mixed with vodka or wheat beer.

Extraordinary with milk, cream, or, of course, vanilla or chocolate ice cream.




Boysenberry is a thick and pulpy soda with gigantic flavor. Fans exclaim, ambrosia!, for its velvety rich texture and absolute berry taste experience. At once delicately sweet and very deep in flavor, the boysenberry is easy to love. The sweetness and the acidity are perfectly balanced. Highly recommended over ice cream with vodka or champagne.





Delivering a significant pucker, this flavor has all the bounce and richness of full-on fresh cranberries without the cloving masking the sweetness of most cranberry juices. Originating in the bogs of southern Oregon, this soda is made exclusively from Stevens and Yellow River varieties, universally prized for their bright flavor profile with hints of citrus and vanilla along with a brilliant, clear color.

Absolutely fantastic with cream mixed in cocktails or just sipped solo. A perfect accompaniment to meat dishes and strong cheeses.




The marrionberry has an interesting pedigree, related to blackberry, raspberry, and loganberry, yet it is its own unique fruit, smooth and luscious. This will remind you of your favorite pies and jams. Like our other flavors, Marrionberry makes a killer float with a healthy dollop of ice cream!





The pear is sublime. An all-time leader, Pear soda inspires devotion and poetic proclamations from its many fans. Pear has a delicate, floral, extremely nuanced flavor with profound aroma and a slight honey color. Pear Soda is exotic and wonderful over pistachio ice cream. Our chef recommends serving the Pear with hazelnuts, either spiced or roasted but specially candied.

Goat cheese is a natural complement. Superlative when mixed with vodka.




Raspberry Soda has a bright clear flavor, shouting in all glory of Peak Oregon summer. A favorite with kids, it is rich and light at the same time --- the radiance of the color matched by the explosion of flavor.

The raspberries for our soda are grown in Western Oregon, picked at peak freshness, and minimally handled before getting into the bottles.

Mixes beautifully with ice cream, chocolate or other juices, tea and vodka. Very nice served with lemon or sweet lime garnish.