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Craft Beers

American Amber AleAmerican Amber Ale

American Amber Ale is tawny in color with a coffee aroma. It has a tight head and a delicate roasted malt accent with generous use of hops and a smooth finish.

Alcohol content: 5.6%

Dead Guy AleDead Guy Ale

Dead Guy Ale has a deep reddish-amber hue. Generous toasty malt aromas and earthy hops follow through a moderately full-bodied palate with fruity accents and a long spicy hop finish.

Alcohol content: 6.2%

Juniper Pale AleJuniper Pale Ale

Juniper Pale Ale is saffron in color with a smooth malt balance. This ale has a floral aroma with a dry spicy finish from juniper berries.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Hazelnut Brown Nectar AleHazelnut Brown Nectar Ale

Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale is a nutty twist to a traditional European Brown Ale. It is dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish.

Alcohol content: 6.2%

Mocha PorterMocha Porter

Mocha Porter is ruby-brown in color with a bitter-sweet balance of malt and hops and a light cream finish.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Santa's Private ReserveSanta's Private Reserve

This is a double-hopped red with a roasty malty flavor and a hoppy spruce finish.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red AleDry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale

St. Rogue is reddish-copper in color with a roasty malty flavor and a hoppy spruce finish.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Yellow Snow IPAYellow Snow IPA

Yellow Snow IPA is pale-golden in color with a hoppy fruity aroma. This IPA has a big hop flavor up front complemented by a medium body and a hoppyness mid-pallet, and finishes with a characteristic lingering bitterness.

Alcohol content: 6.2%

Kell's Irish LagerKell's Irish Lager

This is an Irish -style lager with a smooth mellow flavor and an apple-crisp finish. Perfect for Floating Guinness!

Alcohol content: 5.0%

Mom's HefeweizenMom's Hefeweizen

Mom's Hefeweizen is a refreshing Belgian-style blond ale infused with rose petals from Eugene, Oregon.

Alcohol content: 5.0%

Brutal IPABrutal IPA

Brutal IPA is an imperial bitter with exotic traditional floor malts, citrusy hoppy flavor and stupendous hop aroma.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

Captain Sig's Northwestern AleCaptain Sig's Northwestern Ale

This ale is ruby-brown in color with a bitter-sweet balance of malt and hops and a light cream finish.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Chipotle AleChipotle Ale

Roasted chipotle peppers produce an eye-opening chile flavor in this deep golden ale with a malty, smoky aroma and smooth crisp flavor.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Chocolate StoutChocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout is ebony in color with a rich creamy head. The mellow flavor of oats, chocolate malts and real chocolate are balanced perfectly with the right amount of hops for a bitter-sweet finish.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

Dad's Black IPADad's Black IPA

Deep mahogany in color with roasted malt and hop aromas, Dad's Black IPA has a dense creamy head. This ale enters the palate with intense hop flavor and coats the tongue with a rich maltiness.

Alcohol content: 5.0%

Mogul Madness AleMogul Madness Ale

Dark burgundy in color, Mogul Madness has a hoppy caramel aroma with an off-white head. This ale has intense flavors of citus hops, and coomplex notes of nuts, berries and mocha.

Alcohol content: 6.6%

Morimoto black Obi Soba AleMorimoto black Obi Soba Ale

This is a richer version of our Soba Ale with the addition of specialty malts and a special blend of hops to give it a fuller nutty flavor while retaining a clean crisp finish.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Morimoto Soba AleMorimoto Soba Ale

The delicate flavor of our roasted Soba brings a nutty finish to this light and refreshing ale. A perfect accompaniment to lighter cuisine.

Goes well with Seafood and Poultry.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Shakespeare StoutShakespeare Stout

Shakespeare Stout is ebony in color with a rich creamy head. This stout has an earthy flavor and a mellow, chocolate finish.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

Chatoe Creek AleChatoe Creek Ale

Rogue made this beer with their own hops and barley. Dark mahogany in color with a rich malty sweetness and aroma, this ale finishes dry on top of a lush cherry flavor.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

Chatoe Dirtoir Black LagerChatoe Dirtoir Black Lager

Jet black in color with a tan head, this lager is medium to full-bodied, deftly balanced with dark roasted malt flavors, a smooth bitterness, and a lingering long finish.

Alcohol content: 5.0%

Chatoe Oregasmic AleChatoe Oregasmic Ale

Orange-amber in color, this ale has a malty aroma, spicy fruity hop flavor with a solid malt background, and a lingering finish.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

Chatoe Single MaltChatoe Single Malt

Single Malt Ale has a malty aroma, and is deep golden in color with a dense creamy head. This beer is medium-bodied with a lush rich maltiness from the Dare malt.

Alcohol content: 5.8%

Dead Guy Ale in 'Glow in the Dark'Dead Guy Ale in 'Glow in the Dark'

This is a Holloween release of the Dead Guy Ale. In the early 1990s, Dead Guy Ale was created as a private tap sticker to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (November 1, All Souls Day) for Casa U Betcha in Portland, Oregon.

Alcohol content: 6.2%

John John Dead Guy AleJohn John Dead Guy Ale

Aged in whiskey barrels, this ale is deep honey in color with a malt aroma and a caramel vanilla and oak finish.

Alcohol content: 8.2%

John John HazelnutJohn John Hazelnut

Aged in rum barrels, this unique ale consists of Rogue's hazelnut brown nectar aged in Rogue's hazelnut Spiced Rum barrels.

Alcohol content: 5.0%

John John Juniper Pale AleJohn John Juniper Pale Ale

Aged in gin barrels, this ale has hints of cucumber and sprucey notes in the aroma followed by a juniper bite in mid-palate and a soft oak finish.

Alcohol content: 5.2%

Double Chocolate StoutDouble Chocolate Stout

Double Chocolate Stout is an evolution of Rogue Chocolate Stout which is flavored with imported Dutch bittersweet chocolate. In 2010, Double Chocolate Stout received a Gold Medal at the World Beer Championships.

Alcohol content: 8.0%

Double Dead Guy AleDouble Dead Guy Ale

This ale is deep amber in color. Buttery peanut brittle, orange blossoms and tea aromas follow through to a rich chewy and fruity full body with nice notes of caramel-drizzled dry apricot, roasted grains and spice and finishes with a long tangy grilled grapefruit and chocolate fade.

Alcohol content: 9.0%

Double Mocha PorterDouble Mocha Porter

Double Mocha Porter is a huge mouthful of malt and hops with notes of bitter rich chocolate.

This porter is the creme de la creme.

Alcohol content: 8.2%

XS Morimoto Imperial PilsnerXS Morimoto Imperial Pilsner

Golden in color with a dry hop floral aroma and intense hop bitterness, this pilsner is supported by a big malty backbone which culminates in a hedonistic mouthful.

Alcohol content: 8.0%

XS Imperial India Pale AleXS Imperial India Pale Ale

Above and beyond an India Pale Ale, this pale ale is radically hopped, with an intense aroma and hop bitterness. It has a strong and sweet malt presense balanced by an awesome hop bitterness.

Alcohol content: 9.5%

Imperial Red AleImperial Red Ale

Imperial Red is deep copper chestnut in color with toffee, brown sugar, nuts and spice aromas. A rich supple entry leads to an off-dry medium-full body of tangy raisins and citrus marmalade, bittersweet chocolate, and mild spice flavors. It finishes with a long nutty, fruity fade.

Alcohol content: 9.0%

McRouge Scotch AleMcRouge Scotch Ale

Deep copper in color with a caramel aroma, this ale has a rich malty flavor with a roasted malt background.

Alcohol content: 7.0%

XS Russian Imperial StoutXS Russian Imperial Stout

The Emperor of Stouts! Rich in texture, broad, soft and creamy, this is the strongest and fullest of all stouts.

Alcohol content: 11.0%

XS Imperial YSB (Younger's Special Bitter)XS Imperial YSB (Younger's Special Bitter)

YSB is smooth and malty with a kick of bitterness. This is a couple of notches above the standard YSB!

Alcohol content: 7.1%

Craft Spirits

Hazelnut Spice RumHazelnut Spice Rum

Hazelnut Spice Rum hints of toasted hazelnut flavor with orange overtones and rich vanilla scents mingled with cinnamon and clove. This rum is made from toasted Oregon hazelnuts, orange peel, Madagascar Bourbon, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and clove.

Alcohol content: 40.0%

Pink GinPink Gin

Pink Gin is ocean-aged in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels resulting in a slightly fruity , mellow, and definitely pink gin that could only come from Oregon!

Alcohol content: 44.0%

Dead Guy WhiskeyDead Guy Whiskey

This whiskey is delicately sweet with a rich malt complexity that opens up to a peppery finish.

Alcohol content: 40.0%

Oregon Single Malt WhiskeyOregon Single Malt Whiskey

Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is made using Risk malt grown on Rogue's Micro Barley Farm in the Tygh Valley Appelation. Harvested barley is transported to Great Western where it is malted and roasted. At the brewery in Newport Oregon, brewmaster John Maier brews wort and ferments, adding distiller's yeast. At nearby House of Spirits, Rogue uses mash to make whiskey.

Alcohol content: 40.0%