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The soft, succulent flavor is obtained by using pilsner malt and wheat malt. When pouring the beer, there is a fine aromatic hop aroma. This light citrus aroma comes from the use of a highly aromatic American hop variety. It has a pleasant taste and a nicely rounded mouth feel. The finish is very soft with a pleasant bitterness.

Alcohol content: 6.4%


The beautiful deep red color is obtained by using a combination of different kleurmouten. By using kleurmouten combined with a touch of coriander, a resounding, slightly sweet beer, with a tangy, spicy finish is obtained. The head is compact and sturdy, and provides a creamy coating of light sparkling beer.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

Dry Hopped LagerDry Hopped Lager

This beer was originally developed for the Spanish market. The combination of low fermentation and dry hopping makes this a low fermentation beer. The beer flavor profile that is obtained is comaparable to the top fermented special beers.

Alcohol content: 5.4%


The fresh aroma and spicy bitter flavor is obtained by the use of two strong aromatic hop varieties. The aftertaste is malty and flows out in a nice soft bitter hop mondgevoel. The fermentation creates a fine carbonated sparkle that the compact solid foam maintains.

Alcohol content: 8.1%

Christmas AleChristmas Ale

Slaapmutske Christmas ale is a dark high-fermentation volmouthbier in a bottle. The beautiful burgundy color is achieved by a combination of special geslecteerde kleurmouten. By the use of this kleurmouten together with fine aromatic natural hop, a beer with a soft sweet, slightly spicy aroma palette is obtained. The malty, juicy flavor gives a nice rounded and warm mouth feel. The pleasant, spicy aftertaste is not surprising when you know that the fermentation of this Christmas beer with 7.4 alcohol by volume, is made from the same variety of yeast used in Slaapmutske Brown. The head is compact and sturdy and provides a creamy coating of light sparkling beer.

Alcohol content: 7.4%


Slaapmutske Anniversary Ale Pressklubben 10 is a hazy pale amber ale, with a small head, vinous nose, and a touch of old hay, wild yeast and orange blossom. Full-bodied with dense rounded mouthfeel, this beer has low carbonation.

Alcohol content: 10.0%