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You'll find our Stone IPA to be true to style with a huge hop aroma, flavor and bitterness throughout. If you're a hop-head like us, then you'll love our Stone IPA medium malt that has a heavy dose of over-the-top hops.

Generous "Dry Hopping" gives this beer its abundant hop aroma and crisp hop flavor.

alcohol content - 6.9%



Levitation AleLevitation Ale

"Gravity Sucks" at Stone. They have identified gravitational forces in the beer world. This deep amber ale has rich malt flavors, a big hoppy character, and citrus overtones (courtesy of the hops and their special brewer's yeast).

alcohol content - 4.4%




Pale AlePale Ale

Deep amber in color, robust and full-flavored. A delicate hop aroma is complemented by a rich maltness. This is an ale for those who have learned to appreciate a pleasant distinctive flavor. It is great by itself, or with food that requires a beer of character.

alcohol content - 5.4%




Oaked Arrogant Bastard AleOaked Arrogant Bastard Ale

"You're not Worthy"

This is an agressive beer. Pours a dirty woody brownish-ruby with a very thin izzy dark brown head. Very rich and bold flavors assault the palate. Starts off with a bitter grapefruit hop punch that is quickly overpowered by a caramely sweet malt. Then the hops come back in the finish with bitter grassy notes.

alcohol content - 7.2%



Ruination IPARuination IPA

So called because of the ruinous effect on your palate! This massive hop monster has a wonderfully delicious and intensely bitter flavor on a refreshing malt base. One taste and you can easily see why we call this brew "A Liquid Poem to the Glory of the Hop!"

alcohol content - 7.2%




Sublimely Self-Righteous AleSublimely Self-Righteous Ale

First brewed in 2007 as the Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, this ale was an instant hit. its bitterness hits out sweet spot, its blackness lightens our hearts. Its liquid dichotomy pulls it all together in this sublimely sacrosanct ale. Yes, they damn well know Their stuff there at Stone, and it would be irresponsible of us not to acknowledge how remarkable this heavenlly creation of theirs is.

alcohol content - 8.7%



Saison du BuffSaison du Buff

This beer pours a beautiful pale gold with a white head of foam. The taste starts with the herbal blend in the forefront, and then is backed by a clean malt balance and a very nice citrus and tropical fruit-influenced finish. The finish has a substantial, but balanced hop bitterness and hop flavor. It is a very dry beer, and has a nice refreshing quality that makes it wonderful for this time of year.

alcohol content - 7.7%



Texas Brown AleTexas Brown Ale

This dark and hoppy ale gained popularity on the west coast and eventually sparked the creation of the American Brown Ale beer category.

alcohol content - 7.1%




Arrogant Bastard AleArrogant Bastard Ale

This is an aggressive ale. You probably won't like it.

It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. There have been many nods to Arrogant Bastard Ale. Even out-right attempts to copy it. But onlly one can ever embody the true nature of liquid Arrogance.

alcohol content - 7.0%


Smoked PorterSmoked Porter

So you think you don't like dark beer? Prepare to believe.

This beer pours a gorgeous deep mahoganny crowned by a creamy head. Dark, smooth and complex with rich chocolate and coffee flavors balanced by a subtle smokiness, this brew is equally delicious with meats or fine chocolates.

alcohol content - 5.9%



Cali-Belgique IPACali-Belgique IPA

When reading the name "Cali" you get a hint that it is a California-Style IPA. And this brew has an undeniable Belgian influence, indicated by the word "Belgique". This is completely new and different while still being recognizable as a Stone brew. Think of it as an otherwise identical twin to Stone IPA that was raised in a Belgian culture. literally.

alcohol content - 5.9%



Imperial Russian StoutImperial Russian Stout

This beer is massive, intensely aromatic, with notes of anise, black currants, coffee, roastiness and alcohol. It's heavy on the palate, and this brew goes where few can --- and fewer dare even try. The style originated from Czarist Russia's demand for ever thicker English Stouts.

alcohol content - 10.5%



Belgo Anise Imperial Russian StoutBelgo Anise Imperial Russian Stout

This 2011 odd year release pours pitch black with a deep tan head, with aromatic notes of anise, coffee and cocoa jumping from the glass. Coffee and dark roasted malt flavors dominate with a deep robust complement of anise and oak, which leave a lingering blend of vanilla, licorice, and dark malt on the palate. This will age nicely for several years.

alcohol content - 10.5%



Old Guardian Barley WineOld Guardian Barley Wine

This uber malty , super hoppy mega beer that you know and love is here. It is a stunning representation of all that is big and bold in beer. This beautiful , bold barley wine has a massive malt character and a near critical level of hop notes.

alcohol content - 11.0%



Old Guardian Belgo Barley WineOld Guardian Belgo Barley Wine

Allow us to present to you, a beer in all its unadulterated glory.

Deep amber with a creamy tan head, this beer has a slight haze. Its flavor is rich and malty, with a pronounced yeasty ester profile and tropical fruit hop flavors.

alcohol content - 12.0%



18th Anniversary Double-Lemon IPA18th Anniversary Double-Lemon IPA

This is a beautiful light amber beer with a thick creamy tan head of foam. It has an incredible blend of fruits, citrus, lemon, and peaches, with hints of mint and dry-roasted nutty malt flavors. It also has a very clean maltiness, intense peachy/mango Amarillo hops, hints of apples and berries, finishing in a burst of fresh lemon , hop bitterness, and herbal spiciness.

alcohol content - 10.0%



Double Bastard AleDouble Bastard Ale

This is one lacerative muther of an ale. It is unequivocally certain that your feeble palate is grossly inadequate and thus undeserving of this glory. Those around you would have little desire to listen to your resultant whimpering. Instead, you slackjawed gaping gobermouche slink away to that pedestrian product that lures agof the great unwashed with the shiny happy imagery of its silly broadcast propaganda.

alcohol content - 11.2%



Vertical EpicVertical Epic 10.10.10

Vertical epic ale is mighty tasty right out of the bottle. Fermented with the legendary Ardennes strain of Belgian yeast, 10.10.10 is a strong Belgian Pale Ale brewed with pale malt and triticale (a cross of wheat and rye), hopped with German Perle hops, and steeped with chmomile during the whirlpool stage.

alcohol content - 11.2%